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304                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

adopted, there will scarcely be a probability of
keeping the blacks in the other islands quiet.
Here the planters perceive a growing spirit, and
restless talk about liberty, in the young slaves.

The estates here are fine things when the
master resides upon them. I went the day before
yesterday to a planter's, and wandered about his
fields and works. He has a fine grove of cocoa-
trees close by the shore, and a house in the most
beautiful marine situation. He tells me there is
a famous cocoa-nut tree walk at Trinidad twenty
miles long, which is said to originate in a barque
laden with nuts having been cast ashore. The
nuts produced trees, the trees nuts, and so they
were propagated along the shore.

April 5th.

The Danes are very inveterate against the
English, and have put into prison some persons
who accepted employment under our Government.
The inhabitants of the town of Frederickstadt gave
a most sumptuous ball and supper on the 2nd,
in honour of the battle of Copenhagen, and the
defeat of the English! I did not attend it.